AV Processor Conundrum

Old guy here, new to posting, but always been a audio nerd. I have a Marantz 7706 with 7 channel amp for family/kitchen area and in ceiling speakers -(WAF). I am assembling a  25% listening, 75% TV/movie room in my study - (WAF is not a factor).   In the study I currently have Parasound P7, A51 and A21 and OPPO 105.  Great sound but interconnect and handshake with HDMI is not great. Base management is week with the two SVS SB4000's subs.

I want to do it right and go big on sound and musicality, but as a penny pinching engineer I go quickly down the rabbit hole.  I had an ARCAM AVR long ago, but the issues with it always needing to go to the shop killed me. So no ARCAM for me - sorry.

Anthem AVM 70 or 90 worth it?

Get another Marantz 7706?

Is the Marantz 8805 that much better?  I am pushing 60, ears are not perfect either.

Krell Foundation used or used Bryston ?  They seem little antiquated.

Save the money get a marantz cinima 70 and use as a preamp and ugrade all the speakers?

I am leaning toward another 7706.  But love to read all your comments and opinions.  And no, I am not offended and love the humor too.


I have a marantz 7706 with a monoprice monolith 7ch x 200 amp -- and they sound great together -- No its not a McIntosh or Mark Levinson experience... and -  

I know monolith is not the usual name that comes up here among the flexers in AG that spend $200k on a 2ch system... but ...  

For what the system is -- it sounds much better than you would expect it to -- given that it isn't a high - end consideration. 

I have always been a fan of Marantz, but others are great too -- I have had anthem, nad, rotel etc... and they are all great --

I gave the monoprice monolith amps a good go - because I bought two of them - and i use one for outdoor and other in ceiling speakers - and I liked the amp so much I bought it to replace an amp I was using with my 7706.  Just a quick fact -- monolith amps are designed and produced by ATI. They are no slouch of a mfr.

Just my 2 cents.

Zagorski. I would stick with the 7706. The 8805 has more bells and whistles, and maybe some better parts, but I don't think you could tell the difference. I am a big believer in sticking with the same platform- it eliminates the learning curve. 

If you are a penny pincher, consider a used Marantz receiver and use the pre outs if you want to use an amp- that's how I run my rig. Marantz SR7012 and a Simaudio Titan 5 channel amp. I use the Marantz to run the Atmos speakers. It sounds great, and was hundreds cheaper than a processor. David


Redwoodzz; I've owned a Marantz Slim Receiver. They are nice and compact. The model I had only had pre outs for FLFR and SW. These offer PreOut for all speakers and two subs. Nice.