B&W CDM 1NT vs. NHT Classic Three?

I'm the original owner of a pair of B&W CDM 1NT's and I was wondering if anyone here has ever really listened to a pair of NHT Classic threes (newest version w/aluminum bass driver)and could tell me if they're on par with the B&W's or not?

I have an opportunity to buy a brand new pair of the Classic Threes at a very discounted price and wondered if they could even replace the B&W's that I bought in either 02 or 03. I'd have to go through my box of receipts to be positive as to the year of purchase.

I still have the original box that the 1NT's came in and the manual but I haven't checked yet to see what they're selling for now if in pretty much mint condition.

Thanks so much in advance for any feedback you can give.
Has anyone here heard the NTH Classic Threes along with good electronics to know if they're at least in the running as one of the better bookshelf (stand mounted) speakers in its price range?

Thank you.
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Thanks, yeah I read that review as well and it's one of the reasons I'm wondering if the Classic Three's are in the same ballpark or better than the B&W CDM 1NT's.

Audio gear is getting better and better over time for less and less money and I'm not sure if its the same way for speakers. I wish I could listen to the NHT's but there's no place local to do so. If anyone here is familiar with the newer Classic Threes (newer ones have aluminum bass driver)I'd love to hear from you.
Thank you.
I currently have the classic 3. I down-sized my system from monoblock amps and floor standers after my toddler poked in a driver or two. I use mine with a Jolida tube integrated and a sony 9100es player and have been quite surprised at the level of performance that can be had for a very modest price. I have taken the classic threes to a couple of friend's places to listen on higher quality components and was even more impressed. They like being bossed around with clean power.
I also use classic threes in my set up powered by a rotel 1075 amp (125w x5) and a new Marantz receiver as a control unit. I too think the speakers sound fantastic, although I don't know how they would compare to the CDM 1NTs. I can tell you the classic threes compare very favorably to any other speaker I have ever owned; klipsch, AR, and yamaha. The one thing I noticed about the threes is that in a smaller room, the speakers produce pretty impressive bass to go along with it's mids and highs. I will add that I use the nht u2 sub system for the low end. Hope this helps.