Balanced Cables/Terminations Question

Are all cables that are XLR terminated therefore also balanced cables? Similarly, in order for cables to be of a balanced design, what are the available termination options? I appreciate your assistance. -Daddy-O
Basically (in any case you should ever encounter) yes, all XLR terminated wires are balanced. For termination options, XLR is the only common termination option for balanced cables. Theoretically you could have a balanced cable terminated with power cord ends (grounded, of course) but who would do that? I am not saying this as a jerk, but if you are not sure on this stuff, I would not try getting into balanced cables yet. Read Harley's High End Audio book annnd bone up on the concepts for this stuff because balanced cables are only beneficial if the equipment associated is really balanced gear or if you have long runs. Reading his book before you do anything would probably help.