Basis and table mats?

I have been considering trying a turntable mat on my Basis 1400. Have you other Basis owners tried this? Is it worth the effort or do I go "comando"?

AJ sent me one. It's called their Superbelt. I'm still in the process of getting my TT together, so haven't had a chance to A/B them yet.

It came a couple weeks ago in a plastic bag inside a small mail pouch. I just opened it enough to peek at it, but not fondle it. As I recall, it looked like a thicker white to opaque plastic/mylar(?)type material, I'm guessing, maybe 1/32"-1/64" thick. As I looked at it, it appeared semi-rigid, meaning, that it was not flimsy or real plyable, but again, I didn't actually handle it. I went to see if it might be listed at Basis' web site, but it's not coming up. I'd call AJ for the details. It had a retail price listed as $125.