Bel Canto E1-X Dac

I am seriously thinking of this dac which JA raved about.

Woulld appreciate comments from any owners here.

Thanks in advance. 



I had this dac. It replaced a ps audio direct stream. The Bel Canto was much better. Ive since replaced it with a Esoteric N-05XD

The Bel Canto worked great through the streamer with Roon or any DLNA app and the digital adjustments worked very well. 

Thanks for sharing, mmcelyea.

I happen to be a happy owner of the Esoteric N-05 and it sounds like you prefer the N-05XD over the Bel Canto. I guess I should seriously consider the N-05XD as an upgrade.

I recently picked up the E1 2.7 DAC, and am very happy with it. I run it direct to a McCormack Gold rebuild with gravity base, and it works better than it did with a Parasound pre in the middle. I’m sure the E X1 would sound even better!