Best 5 engineered rock albums?

What is your list of the top five best engineered rock albums?
Arkio, You are correct about In Absentia and Deadwing being excellent recorded cds. What about some of Porcupine Tree's earlier work, such as, Up the Downstair, The Sky Moves Sideways, and Signify. All are great music and all superb recordings. Steve Wilson from Porcupine Tree also helped produced Fish's (ex-frontman from Marillion) Sunset's on Empire album from '97. Steve W. basically revived Fish's career with his production and guitar playing on that album.

Some great Marillion cds are Clutching at Straws, Brave, and Afriad of Sunlight.
I hope I am not confusing engineering with sound quality.

Seal: 1st 2 albums

Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms

King Crimson: Heavy Construcktion. You would never know this is live. DAT. Incredible BASS

Brian Ferry: Boys and Girls. One of the cleanest sounding rock albums ever.

Orb: Adventures beyond the Ultraworld
Isn't engineering related to sound quality? Perhaps not... so many of the albums listed here sound terrible imo.