best all-round,full range at $2000

Looking for a full range offering at the 2K price point. I'll be playing orchestral, big band jazz, small combo jazz, male & female vocal bits, solo acoustic instrumentals, and classic rock. So, what say ye? What's the best all-rounder at the 2K mark. New, or gently used works for me~
The missing Vandy 3A Sig arived yesterday and I got em wired in and did some very preliminary lis'nin. They are definately Full-Range and sounded speactacular. Today I'll spend time on positioning/tilt. I'm glad I got em now.
I'm still gonna head over to my local dealer to listen to the Gallo and some other mentioned offerings.
Thanks again, fellas!

>> Therefore, IMO, the Ref 3 cannot be considered full range loudspeakers, nor can the Ref 3/SA combo be found for $2000, which is what the originator of the thread was seeking. <<

That may be true, but I purchased my Ref 3s for $1700 delivered and my subwoofer for $285 delivered. According to MY math, that adds up to $1985. In addition. he could simply purchase the Refs now and see how they work in his room. Chances are good that he'll find the low end quite satisfactory, EVERY review I've seen says they are the best thing going for anywhere near the price.

And remember, 99% of the music out there has nothing below 40Hz anyway...

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