Best Dedicated Streamer

I have a Canary KD-2000 DAC and seek a high end digital streamer to feed it with. I don’t need an integrated unit with a DAC built in nor do I need or want a CD transport in the streamer.

What manufacturers and products should I consider? I would much prefer to buy US made.

Thank you.


+1 on the Sonore products from Small Green Computer and the recommendation to put some effort to optimizing the home network

If you can come off your network switch via fiber instead of cat6 is a road less traveled but has some distinct advantages that will result in improved SQ

Thank you one and all. Am curious about the Wolf Audio devices.

What will the Red Wolf be when commercialized and where will it sit in their streamers portfolio?

@tracyiver ,

I have the red wolf 2 sx.

joe Parvey can make you one even though it says to be released soon in the website.

I had the wolf 3sx and joe upgraded it to the red wolf with a separate linear power supply. You can see that in my system profile .

imo it beat the innuos statement , flagship aurender and lumin u1.

taiko extreme even though I haven’t heard it in my system ,I think it sounds better . My good friend uses the taiko as his streamer . But of course it’s not made in America and wolf audio has very good customer care and that’s why I haven’t upgraded to the taiko .

we are the us importers 432EVO music servers these are made in Belgiium serviced in nj


our servers are fully modular and upgradeable

we have gotten rave reviewsfrom the absolute sound and positive feedback and a new review will be out soon in Stereotimes

we outperform innous and grimm 

the absolute sound reviewer actually purchased the review sample

please reach out to our office for more info


Dave and Troy

Audio Intellect nj



What impressed me when I got a Hegel 190 was how much it improved streaming music (which wasn't a particularly high priority thing for me). I wouldn't call myself highly informed, but a subject for research would be what the amplifier stage does for streaming sound.