Best double live vinyl?


Growing up in the 60's and 70's was the height of double live vinyl and the double feature at the movie theater. I'm listening to before the flood - Mr. Zimmerman and the Band. After listening to side one it flips to four, that's just not right.


A lot of people are mentioning Little Feat’s ‘Waiting For Columbus’. I will agree that the recording is pretty good for when it was recorded but I saw Jean Luc Ponty at the Lisner Auditorium and that hall has the worse acoustics of any hall I’ve been in.

It’s an engineering marvel that anything could be recorded at Lisner Auditorium given how the sound bounces around like it’s in a pin ball machine.

While not a double album, Lou Reed's "Rock and Roll Animal" and "Lou Reed Live" were recorded at the same show.    The intro to Sweet Jane on R&RA is still one my favorite guitar pieces.  

As others have noted, UFO - Strangers in the Night and Allman Brothers - Live at Fillmore East.

I also think Thin Lizzy Live & Dangerous is an awesome live album.

As is Black Sabbath - The End (but that's 3 lps, not a double)