Best “gaming” headset under $200

I was wondering if anybody had recommendations for a gaming headphone/headset that I could give as a Christmas gift to my nephew. He mentioned he does quite a bit of online gaming with friends and has a “junky” headset currently when looking at my headphones on Thanksgiving. 

I don’t know much about the world of gaming so might be asking in the wrong forum, but I figured this was a good place to start:

Use would be mostly console gaming with minimal PC gaming. Honestly don’t know enough to have an opinion on wired vs wireless for the gaming world so feedback on that appreciated. Would need an included microphone since he doesn’t have a separate one. Current version Xbox and Nintendo switch console compatibility. Open or closed back are both fine at least for a few yrs until college. Budget = under $200, but closer to $150 would be ideal. My initial thought was Drop/Sennheiser PC38X, but the non-audiophile gaming reviews online are only so-so despite great reviews via Drop. 

Any advice appreciated since my last gaming experience was nearly 20yrs ago and any multiplayer had to be done in the same room back then :).  Thanks. 


Philips SHP6000 HiFi is the best wired gaming headset. Personally i love to use this headset. Minimal design and premium look. Good bass balance. Efficient playback controls for iOS.

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Steel Series Artics is best headphones I ever used. Best in sound quality for both music and gaming. And Specially in your budget

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