Best High End Audio Manufacturer???

Wow, what a loaded question!! Nevertheless... which company has earned the right to be called number one, king-of-the-hill, top dog, etc. Is this even a fair question? Probably not. Is this your chance to make your objective/subjective voice heard? Yes indeed. So if you had to boil it down to ONE HIGH END COMPANY that more than any other represents the paramount position, THE EPITOME OF THIS HOBBY, this is your time to cast your vote.
PBN Audio – phenomenal! My unique monoblocks were on deathwatch after a botched repair. Peter Noerbaek offered to take a look at them. Not only did he successfully bring them back to life, he significantly went above and beyond the repair to a mini-rebuild. They sound better now than when I bought them! He squeezed in this favor while designing/building custom gear for other premier companies that have commissioned him for upcoming shows – including Purist Audio and ScanSpeak. Peter graciously gave me a VIP tour of his design and manufacturing facility. Wow!!! His new DAC sounds pretty amazing - as do his amps and speakers.  Definitely, a class act.
Like you steakster I’m a HUGE PBN fan. Peter is first rate. I have had the opportunity/curse to own a ton of gear in the last 25 years and PBN audio ranks right at the top in my book. If you ever have a chance go listen to a full PBN setup. Simply amazing.
Peter at PBN is world class, he treats everyone with the same great respect. From entry level to high roller. He loves what he does.

this thread has gone in a little different way so i think the Gods of audio would chose between Steinway Lyngdorf and FM Acoustic systems for the me best are Dynaudio and Gryphon Audio...but this crazy hobby has so much quality manufacturers like Accuphase, MSB Tech., Solution, Monitor Audio, Burmester, Japanese tube esoteric brands like Kondo, Shindo etc...i think one life is not enough...