Best KT88s (specifically for VAC Auricle Musiblocs)

I'm using a KT88 based amp for the first time - the VAC Auricle Musicblocs. I just had them serviced but one of the cheap Svetlanas blew, probably from my biasing it too high, and its been replaced by a used Genalex Gold Lion for the moment. The amps sound very good as it is, but I'd like to get the best out of them with a good matched Quad of something decent.

Ideally I would like a little more mid-range luxury and presence without sacrificing too much bass control. However lower bass is not so much of an issue because my speakers have powered subs with an active crossover (Vaughan Cabernet One).

I'm in the UK, and valve selection here is a bit limited. Nobody seems to have Svetlana Winged Cs anymore, and I've read reports of dubious quality in the later batches. Genelex Gold Lion are easy to get from good dealers who can match and measure, so that is the obvious choice. But would I be better of with some Chinese valves such as the Shuguang KT88-98? Are they going to be a bit warmer in sound to the Genelex?

I've read great reports about the Psvane KT88 T2 but they are very expensive. Also the Shuguang Treasures. The riskiest option is to buy these from Mable Audio in China, who have them up for a good price:

From what I have read Kevin Hayes supplied the Auricles with the Shuguang KT88-98. These are very affordable, but I suspect that Kevin only supplies selected ones. 

I could also buy from the US, and I'd appreciate any recommendations for the best source.

I suggest jumping over the 88s to KT120s or better yet KT150s. Based on the research done by the GTITCSS (Garcia Transformer Issues from Tube Change Scientific Study) this tube swap would be unlikely to kill your amp, but if it does please let me know so I can add the incident to my study. It would be the first such incident reported anywhere I’ve seen, but then I don’t get out much.
I think a more concise acronym would be GITS (Garcia Issues from Tubes Study). I'd be happy to take part in the experiment, but only if I get a confirmation from Kevin Hayes that it is safe to use the new uber-tubes in the Auricles. I've fired off an email.

I don't need anything like the enormous power of KT150s with my 93dB speakers and small room, but KT90s might be a good choice. A friend of mine uses the EH KT90s in his VTL 150 and that sounds great. 
I tried 50 yrs Ann BT 300B ones in my Cary CAD 300B SEI and nothing good I can say about these tubes, not by their look, how they feel, their build and especially their sound. Sure, tubes do sound differ in differ amps and maybe it was simply mismatch, but same was with Sophia, so called Mesh and Royals, which were much better, but for the money they selling them, no way. To make a good KT88 is not that simple plus material they use, lowest quality you can find. Like Dr. R. Kron said onse, we make 500 tubes a month and in China they make that in 1 hour, so, go figure.
I'm pretty sure that Kevin will nix the idea of KT-120's and KT-150's.
His amps are pretty selective with only KT-88's as far as I know. VAC doesn't even recommend trying any 6550's.

Yes, I am using the Psvane KT-88 TII's, and I only slightly prefer them over the Gold Lions. Just a tad more relaxed sounding.
I found bigger differences changing preamp and driver tubes.
Kevin has just told me that the Gold Lions might be the best idea to get what I'm looking for, and that is certainly the easiest option for me.

I take your point that the input valves are likely to make more difference, but I can't get much warmer than my Mullard CV4003. Pre-amp valves I can work on.

I suspect the change I'm looking for may not come with small things like valve changes, I've just switched speakers from my Vaughn Cabernet 1 to my Harbeth SHL5Plus. There's certainly no lack of warmth with the Harbeths, as you'd expect. It might be that I will need a differnet power amp to get a warmer and more intimate sound with the Vaughns, but then I'd risk losing the amazing dynamics. Always a tricky balancing act.