Best multi channel amp and processor good for 2 channel listening.

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I am new to this forum and have a few questions in reference to HT processors.  I am starting from scratch and switching from a Krell S-1000 and S-1500.  I sold the processor a few months back and I going to list here the amp.

I am currently considering the new Bryston 9B3 and the SP4 and decision was based on upgrade ability and warranty. The speakers for HT will be Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home and for 2 channel Verity Otello’s.  My second choice was Classe but I was informed that they have all sales on hold, this is concerning.  I have not listened to either, my choice is based on reviews and the Bryston dealer.  My decision was also based they are both good for two channel, I am not set on this but it will help the budget and space.  I am looking for a warm and good over all sound; some might say 3 dimensional sound, clarity is also a factor.  Actually, all I’ve read in reference to Classe fits the bill.  I would like a couple of other choices to include in my short list and opinions are welcome. The budget for the processor and amp is approx. 22k.  

Thanks to all.....

You mentioned that the Marantz runs hot and that is a concern for me, since I watch a lot of TV and Movies..  
If 2 channel is most important to you, and you can only have 2 "boxes"

I might consider a nice HT receiver to run everything but your mains and 2 channel listening, and get a killer integrated with at HT loop to drive your mains and 2 channel system.

For years I tried to do HT and 2 channel with a 5 channel amp and higher end pre-pro.

Best I owned was the Classe SSP 800 and 5200 amp.  It did a nice job with 2 channel, but not what a dedicated pre-amp and 2 channel amp, or killer 2 channel integrated has done.

The other issue - reliability.  Really, really tough to compete on the HDMI/Processor front with the big companies.  

Get a nice Marantz surround receiver and killer integrated... 

This is what I am trying to do, separate my HT from my music. When I started this thread I was considering to intergrade my HT to my music but everything points to the opposite.

I am looking at the above listed intergrade for music but still undecided on the HT front. HT pre/pro considered are the Arcam, Nad, Audio Control Maestro 9 and Marantz. My concern is there is mention of the Marantz running hot and the Audio Control might be out of my budget unless I can get a killer deal on it. 

I am not technical at all, I usually have this all set up for me. I am not clear on the matter Marantz and an intergrade, do I not need a multi channel amp as well? I understand I will use my intergrade for my two channel music but I would also need a pre/pro and multi channel amp for HT. By chance any experience with any HT systems listed above or others and share the pros and cons to each?
@maguair, the Marantz is meant to be left on and used for extended periods of time, so won’t be a problem. If you plan on putting it in an enclosed cabinet, then you should get the inexpensive AC Inifnity Aircom fan unit to put on top. That should be used with any component in an enclosed space, including the other processors or amps you are looking at. But with enough clearance and air flow I wouldn’t worry about it. It may not be any hotter than the other processors, I have not compared. My older Denon x6400H receiver ran far hotter and I would leave it one for extended periods of time and never had an issue.

You would need a multi-channel amp as well to drive your other speakers (center and surrounds). The pre/pro has analog audio which feeds to your integrated for the front L/R two speakers, and the other channel outputs to another amp (or amps) to drive any other speakers.

edit:  just noticed @dep14’s post, you can definitely just pick up a higher end Marantz or Denon receiver to drive the rest of your home theater speakers. You would just use the pre-out for the L/R to the integrated.  However, just make sure your speakers are easy to drive.
Just a comment.  maguair is coming from a Krell S1000 as a processor.  I have tested the Marant 8805 in my system and compared it to my Krell S1200U.  The Marantz is a very good device with excellent bass and midrange impact.  Full and natural sound.  However, it is voiced warm and the high frequencies are softened and rolled-off.  It is very excellent sound, but it could end up being too "dull" sounding for you, unless you want this type of signature.