Best preamp under 1500$ freya+ , cary slp03 ?

Hi, I'm looking for a tube pre with balanced connection.

I read good and bad comments about freya+

Cary slp03 can be better ? 


thank you  all.

At times I am about to throw the cane with the freya+ and at times I read many problems with the freya. My doubts is that I live far away in South America and I cannot send to the factory if it comes with problems.

I too am looking for somethin like the OP. Hard to find an ideal product under 1500-2000$

The basic Linear Tube Audio Micro Zotl Mark II is $1295 . I am using one and would not want more, Read reviews compare. Try to hear one, can't be beat at this price.


I had the Freya+ and sold it. This new Schitt preamp is rather good on my 2-channel, and sounds better to me than the Freya+.

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