Best Receiver?

I’m setting up a second system with a set of stand mount speakers and a nice Garrard 301 and want a tuner built in, rather than an integrated amp. Of all the receivers, vintage and more recent, what’s the best sounding? I always thought those massive Marantz etc looked great but didn’t sound particularly good. Anyone have experience with something that sounded great?


I highly recommend the McIntosh MAC4100. It’s my favorite receiver compared to a collection of top end units. Another standout for me is Sansui Eight. The Fisher recommendations are solid too. I love my kx200, and just got an 800b back from restoration. 

Magnum Dynalab made some great recent receivers, and the Outlaws also quite much as I like the vintage ones, even fully refurbished ones have lots of 50 year old parts and lots of potential issues and problems...

There has been a lot of shakeup in the receiver manufacturer ownership in the last few years and while it might mean nothing, sometimes these mergers and buyouts lead to a decrease in quality in pursuit of higher profits and sometimes they don't. First, Denon bought Pioneer, then Sound United bought Denon, Pioneer, and Marantz. One of the manufacturers who has been able to stay independent is Yamaha, who still makes all their own equipment. The reliability of Yamaha receivers is top of the line. So along with the others who have mentioned Yamaha, I'll throw in my two cents in a vote for Yamaha. 

I love the Sherwood S-7100A receiver for its excellent sound, simplicity and elegance.

On the current market the Yamaha RN2000A and MAC7200 are your top contenders. Semi vintage, Nakamichi SR4A was outstanding. Deeper vintage, I rate the Sansui 8 Deluxe and Pioneer SX1250 tops. Really deep vintage I agree the tube Fisher stuff was great. A Marantz 15 was their best one. But vintage means trusting a restoration to be done right. 
If your pocket goes that deep, the Yamaha is the winner, with all the connectivity and performance you need today.