Best shipping companies

Looking for suggestions to ship a pair of large speakers from Chicago area to new York area. The seller received a quote of $800. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Agree with winoguy. You can also save a lot of money if the seller drops off the speakers at the freight terminal at a major airport and the buyer picks them up at the freight terminal on the other end. Most of the cost is the local delivery between terminal and local address. 

@referee1 I have shipped a few sets of speakers across the country and have never had an issue.  I take the time to pack them like this.  Materials cost about $100 and worth very penny.  Requires a skillsaw and a drill.  

@mastering92 I just can’t imagine being able to call any shipping company to tell them to be sure to handle a package with care. What company can you do this with? It can’t be DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS, as they’re handling millions of packages daily. I use a small regional shipper and have occasionally dealt with their customer service. I can guarantee that they have no ability to contact their workers about a specific package somewhere in the process shipping. I suppose that someone could call them and ask, but I’d have zero confidence that the message would be passed on to the multiple people involved. Would a company that sells and ships audio equipment every day be on the phone asking shippers to handle their items with care?

My advice is to “bulletproof” pack items for shipment and be prepared for damage when it occurs. Items I have received in good shape were first manufacturer packed, then packaged AGAIN in a second container.  Note that this usually means that the item becomes triple boxed.  Better than dealing with damage!

I like and use Echo Logistics. Legacy uses them; where I got this recommendation.


maybe it sounds weird, but I can assure you that taking extra precautions (such as calling them) is worth the time and energy investment.

sure they are handling so many parcels a day - but one or two delivery drivers is going to be assigned to deliver that parcel to you - based on the proximity of their warehouse and time/schedules of their folks who manage and complete deliveries.

I’ve also done this with kitchenware, my tempered-glass desk, furniture (new dining table) etc.

sure thing - people make mistakes, but that extra bit of effort on part of the buyer goes a long way. I once bought some audio gear from Spain, now sold - that was looked after very well and arrived without any damage.

at 18, i bought an amplifier online. Only to have it severely damaged upon arrival. it was also interally damaged beyond repair. never want to have such an experience again. and if I’m selling, i always double-box, pack it up super nice to ensure that even careless delivery drivers won’t be able to cause damage; either accidentally or intentionally.