Best sounding headphones you have owned?

At one time I had gone through Shure, early Stax, Audio Technica electret condenser....and more.

What have you owned in both expensive and inexpensive headphones that gave you pleasurable listening?



I was thinking that the Bricasti would be good with the SR1a. In fact, Danny is going to test out the lower cost Bricasti out. I am going to stick with the DAC3B into the VM-1a. It is actually my worst 2-channel DAC but my fav on the VM-1a.

Focal Utopia 2020

- a "Utopian" sound signature. Stll highly accurate, but almost never harsh-sounding. Excellent imaging, layering, detail, and presentation overall. Also non-fatiguing so you can listen for hours.Can help with figuring out problem areas on any track with ease, since it is kinder to the ears than more accurate headphones.

RAAL SR1A with Boulder 866 Siltech speaker cables to impedance matching box all fed by Rockna Wavedream NET with ssd sounds absolutely superb especially with REL Carbon Special!  Could not ask for more.

Grado GS3000x. I spend much more time listening to speakers so I didn't want to invest much more. Still, by far the best I've heard and I can't imagine wanting more.

I was able to compare to Audeze LCD-5 in my home and much preferred the Grado phones. I had some non-audiophile friends visiting from out of town at the time and they also preferred the Grado.

Best headphones ?? the ones I have now Sennheiser 800's driven by my Luxman Head amp and what a mighty fine sound they make !!