best speakers for vocals?

Hi, I was wondering what people's thoughts are on speakers that are best for vocal centric music? I am looking for speakers that are best at reproducing vocals, especially female in the most lifelike, 3-dimensional, airy, emotional manner. I am trying to recreate a lifelike, live show, front row sound. To this end, I prefer a speaker that can create a holographic soundstage with a palpable vocal sound with some weight.

I listen mainly to jazz, pop, adult contemporary, down tempo.

My budget is < $15,000.
My 2 favorites (and I own both, so my bias is clear), though very different are Sonus Faber Electa Amator II's (romantic), and JM Lab Micro Utopia (not as warm, but oh so refined and smooth).
I got the Reynaud Orfeo and you are right, Reynauds are warm, emotional, immediate, tonally accurate and wonderful with vocals and acoustic instruments.
But I also got the KEF 201 and if you want to focus on Vocals, nothing beats the KEF 201 reference
Martin Logan Summits are far and away one of my favorites. Others to consider are Vandersteen 5a, SF Cremonas, Magnepan 20.1, BW802D, Usher Dancer Be10, Wilson Sophia, JM Labs 1027Be.

Long time reader, never posted. Have had a variety of high end low end systems, TL's, electrostatics, several variants of the LS3/5A and clones (KEF CS2, KEF CS2A), the LS5/12A, several different Monitor Audio (Studio 2, Studio 20, Studio 12).

My wife has a hearing issue and as such has difficulty with listening to the news on a radio and TV. Last year I build some "Metronome's" ( first with the Fostex FF125Wk and later with the FF105WK. Now no other speaker will do. Imaging is superb. Drawback is that complex orchestra's and high sound levels are not its strength. I much prefer the FF105WK version (the FF125WK was just put together as a test box but my wife does not let me make them in a more final version - afraid I'll spoil the "magic" for her).

If we had the space them I would make a larger one with the Fostex FF165WK.