Best Speakers new/used for around 2k

I'm looking for the best speakers for around 2k. I'd like your thougths or insight to speakers I've listed or any I might be missing. I listen to primarliy 50% 2 channel and 50% HT. The room is about 20 x 20 and has two openings. I have a Denon 2809 that I know I will have to either replace or upgrade with another Amp. I've heard just about all of these except the Gershman (but they get glowing reviews), 1.7 (obviously) and Zu.

1) PMC FB1i
2) Proac Response d18 or Studio 140
3) Spendor A6
4) PSB Synchrony One
5) Zu Druid
6) Gershman
7) Magnepan 1.7 (daughter's cat might shred)
8) B&W 804
9) Martin Logan Vistas
10)Sunfire CRM2

Thanks in advance. Any thoughts would be welcomed.

Best regards
Thanks for the advice and agree. Do you love or hate any of the aforementioned? Just trying to narrow down the field a little.

The only direct experience I have with any speakers on your list is with the Zu Druids which I tried in several different systems and absolutely hated them. Left be baffled as to why anyone would like them. FWIW.

I've liked all the Proac speakers I've heard at shows very much, but cannot recall if the two models you mention have been among them.

My friend was very impressed with the Maggie 1.7's recently, pushed by only 100 watts (light power for Maggies). Definitely cat bait though. I think the Maggies may have a narrower sweet spot and might require a bit more room to breath, and may be more sensitive to the wall behind them. That based on experience with other models, and NOT the 1.7's.

My opinion is that you should listen yourself and figure out which works best for you. The Zu's for instance, seem to be liked by many folks, but if you go on my opinion you may be losing out on what might occur to you as a really great speaker for you. I've also tried the Benchmark DAC 1 in two different forms and am equally baffled as to why anyone would like that DAC...yet plenty of folks do. So what's the use of a poll like this? You may be narrowing down selections that really would work well for you. If you are replacing your amp it would be a very good idea to consider exactly which amp you will replace it with in order to pair it off with the speakers you choose. That link is pretty important, as you probably are aware.

Good luck!
Both the Revel Conderta F12 and Paradigm studio 100 got very good reviews. Can anyone comment on these? which one is better for home theater? Will be used with old Anthem pre/pro and old Krell 5-channel amps. Thanks.