Best Tube Amp under 10K?

Having every audio dealer in town recommend their line as "the best unless you want to spend $25K" and buy a ..." is frustrating. Well, like most of us, I can't spend $25K on amps ... but I am curious to know what others consider their "final" amp upgrade under $10K. My listening tastes are wide ranging but will mostly include SACD jazz and classical. I do not have a turntable ... yet. And I ususally play at low to moderate volumes only (the wife factor)-- speakers are reasonably efficient 91DB KEF Ref 4's that I hope to upgrade.
I recently heard the Transcendent OTL. It is a Class AB design which means it runs a bit cooler than the SE's and by using some feedback there is better bass control. I can't speak about its bass performance because the speakers I listened to it on rolled off at about 65-70hz (EPOS minis) but I can certainly say they are the most transparent 3D natural sounding amps I can ever recall hearing. The best of solid state AND tubes. Price 4K for 80 watt monos and 2.1K for 25 watt Stereo factory direct new. Probably one of the best values in amps so long as you have the right speakers. No impedence dips below 4 ohms though. Bruce has a patent on this design that addresses some of the inherent problems with OTL's. Check out the TranscendentSound web site. No I am not a factory spokesman but I am more than a little impressed with this level of performance at the price point.
for under ten grand you have a lot to choose from, like
ARONOV 9100 monos ($6k) and pre amp(2k +) (excellent sound, powerful enough to drive most speakers. UNISON 845 SE triode
beautiful cherry wood finish (6k) and MYSTERY ONE pre amp about 3K. if you have not heard either of these, don't buy until you do
Thanks you all for the lively discussion! Seems to be a lot of BAT fans out there. In the end, I went with the Aranovs fed by a First Sound passive preamp (Arnovs $2600, First Sound $1075, both on Audiogon - thank you Stewart of SOS.)I now eagerly await my Sony SACD SCD-1 but must also admit I do glance at the turntable ads once and while. --Lorne
I love my Legend Audio triode amps. (monoblocks). The only description that comes to mind with these are seductive and sultry.