Best Tube preamplifier under $600

Hi All,

I'm looking for some recommendations on a 2 channel tube preamplifier (with or without tuner) under $500-600.

I know this price is a stretch, so I welcome used vintage equipment as suggestions.

If you think a solid state preamp at a certain price may out perform any tube new/used than I would certainly consider those options. I suspect a lot of McIntosh products will fall into this category..

If you have a particular manufacturer to recommend please feel free to specify which models.

Thanks in advance for everyone's input!!

If it makes any difference in suggestions I plan on investing in a tube amp as well, with the same budget.

If anyone needs info on what current speakers and components will be used with the pre just let me know and I'll list everything.

I am a fan of Sonic Frontiers gear. You should be able to find an SFL-1 or even and SFL-1 Signature at that price point. No remote or phono stage but a very well build preamp using one tube......and PartsConnexion still supports repair and upgrade options.
The Marsh P2000t is a very strong tube preamp for about that price used. Great tube sound without being too syrupy.