Better CDP or network player?

OK, threw in the towel today folks. I SOOOOOOO appreciate all of the help and advice over the past few days. I took a look at ALL the suggestions, as well as poked around on my own and did a LOT of head scratching.

I was seriously close to buying the Schiit Yggdrasil DAC and I'm pretty certain that it would have been a great choice. Looked at streaming, NAS, players, combo machines, other DAC's, music programs for my PC, etc..............Ultimately it all just seemed like a huge PITA to set up............maybe I'm just getting old and didn't want to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

Also looked at what's left in the CDP market......short answer is not much unless you are content with a budget machine or don't mind a second mortgage to support your "habit" LOL

In the end I decided to buy and did so, the Marantz SA14s1.....should get it Wednesday. Music Direct has them for $1999, $500 off anybody else, brand new, in the box...........It has a 5 year warranty and my past experience with Marantz is that it will probably be fine for longer than that......I still have a very old CD93 that still works, although it's fussy until it warms up and my current SA 8001 SACD machine....The SA14s1  may outlive me at this point in life :)  

My reasoning was that I primarily listen to redbook. I have SACD also, but sound wise it's not hugely better than some of my best redbook. Perhaps the newer hi-rez files are another step up, although I read many reviews that didn't exactly support that argument. The next great thing is ALWAYS better, but sometimes it's really not, just new and different. YMMV.

I figured that I might as well buy one of the last, really good CDP's from a company that's been around since the beginning and still has a very good reputation. I'm sure there are better CDP's out there, but they're getting harder to find every day.

I know what the 14s1 will do, I know what it won't do and I doubt that I'll have reason to regret my decision...............although I really did want that Yggdrasil................maybe next year,

Thanks again for the time and advice, I did learn a lot in the past few days.
Good decision. I think it is best to enjoy audio the way “we ourselves” do so. I have two CD players in two systems and although I have streaming, I would not give them up. Like you I like the KISS factor of them. Easier to setup and enjoy than a turntable or streaming...There will always be people here and there who will say you should have done this or should have bought that. In the end you are the one to enjoy your system. BTW I have had 5 Marantz pieces and ALL of them have been great. Two older receivers, two SACD players and one amp. They make very fine equipment.
Thanks psyop...............As mentioned, this will be my third Marantz machine and I've been very happy with them...........In it's day my ancient CD 63 was well reviewed..and still works after maybe 20 years, fussy, but playable.

The SACD 8001, my current go-to machine has served me well for 10-12 years, but it too is beginning to get fussy. It's old, so I'm OK with that..............

The S14s1 is from their reference line, so I expect that it will be a step up in SQ and it will likely be my last stand alone player.

I'm still interested in a separate DAC  at some point, but I'll have to wait until I've had the S14s1 a while. Once it's up an running, perhaps I won't feel the need to go further.

I'm likely older than many here, so I've lived through the progression in audio from console radio/record players, 8 tracks, cassette, high end turntables, CD and now digital/web based music. It's been an interesting journey. 

 Much of the progress over the decades has been more about convenience and portability than improved SQ.............I'm sure it's nice to keep a thousand of your favorite tunes on you phone in your back pocket or purse. I don't do it, but it's a great way to carry your music with you.

As far as SQ, I smile every time I hear the phrase, "it almost sounds analog". I have a nice TT rig, certainly not "uber", but nice. I have yet to hear anything from my CD rigs that is any better. More convenient, of course, but better sounding?.....not really. Your experience may be different, but that's been mine.

I suspect that the latest, greatest thing, hi-rez, MQ, streaming, computer based audio, etc. is much the same. New and different ways of doing the same thing. Does it sound better? I think that's largely system dependent and debatable, depending on who you ask. I have yet to jump into that pool, so I have no opinion on it.

Audio is fun, with many ways to go. Do what you can afford and enjoy what makes you happy..............It is after all, just a hobby :)

If you enjoy handling physical media- which I did - and have the space to keep your TT (and outboard phono stage if you have one), lps and cds, stay the course. I ripped my music on to a hard drive in the past year and sold off media and front end gear for downsizing/small footprint system. When you are ready, know the transition takes some time for the music ripping, but is simple. I now also have streaming capability, which I have only done with internet radio. I’ll likely choose the best fit for me among Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal next year when I retire. My music is red book flac, which sounds great. I’ve no interest in hi res, MQA or the future format “advances”. The new technologies will be there any time you are ready to try.
Thanks for the post.................Yeah, I do enjoy handling the media, reading the albums notes, etc.. Fortunately......or not :)........... I don't have a massive media collection, so storage isn't much of a problem. Recently built a rack for my gear that for all intents and purposes resembles and is about the size of, a coffee table with a bottom shelf. It's low, solid, stable and comfortably houses my equipment.......Not the last word in audio furniture, but I like it.

Sounds like we're around the same age..........."old folks" LOL

I'm not against any of the "new and improved" ways of doing audio. I'm sure it all works just fine once you get everything set up.........From a purely sound quality perspective, I think media wise we've gone about as far as we can. Newer doesn't necessarily sound better, it's just a different way getting the same end result. From there it just depends on your budget, better gear will probably sound better until you reach the point where you're paying more for "eye candy" than sound quality..................Kind of like driving a BMW vs a Honda to the mall. They'll both get you there in the same amount of time, but your friends will be more impressed with the B'mer!!

May explore the down load path over the Winter, when it's cold and I get bored, but for now I'm happy doing it the "old"  way. :)