Bi-Wire Config Questions

I have a run of the original Signal Cable Silver Resolution (non-bi-wire) speaker cable (8 strands of silver!) that I am considering running to bi-wire speakers for the mids-hights with a totally separate cable run to the woofers.

Two questions:
1. I have dual monos with two speaker outputs each. This means I could hook two cables into each mono, one for the highs and one for the bass. Is this not advisable? The monos have no option to select between the speaker outputs on the back. If not advisable, I will have the cables configured as true "shotgun" cables with different cables for the woofer and the mid/tweeters (see question #2).

2. If I run the Silver Resolution to the mids and highs, any suggestions for great sounding cables for the low end? (not looking to break the bank but I have a lot in my other components so detail and transparency and tight bass are a must!) I was thinking of Signal Cable Ultra (double run) single wire. I was also thinking of doing what I'm playing around with in another system and going for Home Depot / Lowe's 6 AWG extension cord cable or a double or triple run of Canare 4s11. I know, "try it and listen," but just want a reality check here first from the pros.
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In bi or multi-amping, whether stereo or mono think of each as a seperate amp. A stereo has 2 amp, mono 1, and of course dual mono also 2.

Use a 'Y' splitter (if your Pre does not have two Outputs) from one preamp IC to two amp Iutputs. Then one amp Out spker cable to the mid/tweeter, and the other to the woofer. They are interchangable. One amp to each.

I use 4 60w amps per side: one to each of 2) 12" woofer drivers (seperately); one to a pair of 8" mids wired in series, and the 4th to the tweeter.

But it is a 2-channel active EQ/XO system. That is, the XO has 2 Outs per side: one for woofers, the other for the main panels. But I still use 'Y' splitters to seperate the woofer drivers, and tweeter from the mids on the main panels.

BTW the only value in bi-amping passive XO speakers over bi-wiring, is if you need more power to the drivers. Otherwise it is just an expense accomplishing really nothing.

But if one amp is underrated for the spkr mfgr recommened power range, and you have the extra amp and choose not to replace them with a single amp of sufficent power, note that the Gain needs to be the same on both amps. Otherwise you disrupt the integration of Tweeter/mids and woofers by essentially changing volume level between them. That would be a serious net loss of performance of the system.