Bi-wiring using different cables

I have a question about bi-wiring a pair of 802D speakers. I was always told that you could use two different types of cables. One for the woofers, that sound better on the low end. Another for the midrange/tweeter that sounds to my liking on the upper end.

Over the last couple of years, every article that I read state that bi-wiring doesn't give any benefit, and that I would get better sound investing in one single pair of more expensive cables, rather then two pairs of lesser priced cables.

Or I've read that you should never mix cables. That this will alter the way the crossover behaves yielding unpredictable results.

Does anyone remember mixing cables, or am I losing it.
Biwiring works with some speakers and has little to no effect with others.  It might be related to Xover design.  Some speaker makers don't believe in biwiring and make speakers with just one set of connectors.  My speakers have three sets of binding posts.  It is easy to find short piece of quality bare wire (Audioquest jumpers), to replace stock metal plates, but it is a little more expensive to connect woofer's binding posts further away.  Would I be able to get better single cable plus woofer-mid jumpers for the same price? - I don't know.  Using different cables is perfectly OK, IMHO, if you like the sound.