Bluesound Node 2 vs. Node (2021)

I am currently enjoying an older Node 2 and wondering if I my sound quality might benefit from an upgrade to the new, 3rd generation, Node (2021).  My system: Network > Node 2 (via Cat5e) > Chord Qutest DAC (via Coaxial) > Hegel H190 (via analog) > Magnepan 1.7i.  I'm only using the Node's WiFi for control via the Blue OS app on a tablet.



I have the original node and the new Node N130 and USB works going into my Gustard U18 DDC and then to my Musician Pegasus dac! 

Marco, I bought a Node in August '21. I don't recall updating the software. I've used the USB to feed an Ares II with no problems. I'm running v.3.18.7 which is current afaik.


I can recommend this Polish product for the Node, price recently reduced to about $82-. Shipping is not terrible, they charged less than they quoted me. The Meanwell is a switching power supply but a pretty quiet one. The plug allows you to roll power supplies.


OP sorry for hijacking your thread but at least you'll know whether to ditch your transparent cable in favor of usb :-)