Bookshelf to replace Martin Logan Source

Looking to replace a pair of Martin Logan ESL 'Source' speakers with a bookshelf set that can deliver similar sound quality with wider/taller dispersion. Trying to reduce the clutter and footprint (towers and subwoofer), and improve sound field. System will be powered by NAD C388 (with BloOS2i MDC) - once I figure-out how to get all the various firmware updates done and app to recognize it (wow NAD setup is unfriendly - compared to Denon).

  • B&W FPM4 = Used these as computer monitors for years. They have terrific mids/highs, but require a sub.
  • Elac Debut2.0-6.2 = Great value (not on-par with FPM4 or Debut2), now in the garage system - replaced Micca...
  • Micca MB42X - also a good value, but these weren't intended to compete with ML - they were purchased for near-field computer speaker duty, and later moved to garage (prior to Elac). 
  • SVS Ultra Bookshelf = Had high-hopes for these, and they do play low along with good mid/highs, but they sound like old rotary phone speakers compared to ML Source.
  • Auditioned Golden Ear Aon3 side-by-side with SVS Ultra Bookshelf in a store recently, and couldn't immediately tell which I preferred, so likely Aon3 will compare similarly to UltraBS against ML's. Even though I'm a GE fan (Triton3+ in the HT system), Aon3 is a non-starter.
Next, I'd like to try Buchardt S400 (rated down to 33Hz), reviews say they are very good - especially bass and dispersion. One YouTube review I watched even mentioned 'ESL sound'.

Are there any other bookshelf possibilities in the sub-$2000 range that might be close to ESL? Oddly enough, think the biggest hurdle is bass. They don't need to have the 'magic' mid/highs of ESL's (I'd be very surprised to find that), but they need bass equal to Source (which are not especially noteworthy - for towers).

SVS UltraBS fall short on bass. I could leave the sub there, but with a sub the B&W FPM4's actually have better mid/high than SVS. Guess I'm looking for outstanding bass and mid/highs on-par with UltraBS and FMP4's.

Any bookshelf recommendations in the sub-$2000/pr range are appreciated!
I have no firsthand listening experience with the NAD C388. However, I do own a NAD C375BEE. Different from the 388 which is digital instead of analog. Without knowing the differences in these two amps this is what I have learned about my NAD experience......
After buying the 375 I tried it with some of the speakers I had as well as some at dealers' showrooms. Brands were Klipsch, KEF, Focal, Dynaudio, and some others. When paired with the NAD amp none could compete with PSB speakers. NAD and PSB were once sister companies. Again...I'm comparing bookshelf models.
Now, I use my NAD with a pair of PSB Imagine B's. I like the sound. I also use a pair of subs since my room is on the large size but without the subs the sound is still good. If looking at PSB bookshelves the only step up would be a pair of Synchrony 1B's. I would like to find a nice pair of those just to see how much better they sound compared to the Imagines. Just my opinion. Trust your ears.

Watkins Generation Four

I was listening to several ML .

The ML have a smaller sweat spot.
Do the 14 day trial.
Re: the Buchardt S400, note that the frequency response spec specifies +/- 3dB "in room".  So this measurement was probably taken with the speakers close to the front wall in a room of their choice.  If you look at the anechoic response curve, 33 Hz is more like the -10 dB point.  

I have a pair of the S400s on order, and will try to remember to post my in-room measurements when I get them.
Have you auditioned the Martin Logan Motion 15s? Great sound. I’m selling a pair with upgraded dark cherry cabinets. PM me if you’re interested. Also, the Revel Performa3 m 106 are worth a listen.
Quad Z-2's might be just what you are looking for. Best in class at $2k price range.