Borresen X3 at Axpona

I listened to these speakers at Axpona and thought they were amazing for the price..Very open,forward midrange. Any opinions out there on these? We listened to Jonny Cash and his voice was incredible.l would highly consider buying a pair of these for 11K


I agree they sound wonderful for the price. I just wish they looked as good as the higher end lines. I’m not fond of the cabinet and baffle design as well as the checkered print on the speakers. 

The X3 is basically their response to Scansonic MB-B speakers (which Michael Borresen designed the initial series for) since Borresen’s departure from the Dantax/Raidho group. The most appealing thing about the X3 is that it uses the same tweeter as those found in the higher models. 

I used to own the Borresen Z3 Cryo, which I thought would be my endgame until I sold them to fund a different floor model for my business (I am not a Borresen dealer). I later found a pair of Borresen 02, and I can tell you there is audible improvement even from the Z3 Cryo to the 02. 

For the X and Z series, I believe the cabinets are made in China, shipped to Denmark, and then the speaker is assembled in Denmark. I’m not sure if the same applies to the 0 and M series. 

Agree they are a top contender at $11k. I’m curious if the Scansonic MB-B model 5 or 6 are superior? I talked to the Borresen sales rep. and asked why are these not a 3 way speaker? He said "I hate 3 way speakers due to discontinuity". Also mentioned the checkerboard print(I dislike) and mentioned Gryphon and Perlisten are using similar drivers and he claimed there different drivers, From a brief 15 minute listen they grab attention(in a positive way) but I wonder if they are to HI-FI/ish with extended listening?