Brennan b2

While perusing the internet, I came across this interesting device that includes a lot of features in a small package.  It rips and stores CD’s and accesses internet radio, and even includes a small amplifier.  I don’t need it, as I already have a Bluesound Vault 2i.  But for someone that likes simplicity, is space-limited and is not too demanding of sound quality, this might work fine . . or perhaps a young student traveling or going to college?  (Would be easy to steal and conceal tho).  What do you think?

I have one and have loaded 400+ Cds no problem in a month. I tried for years to use iTunes for my classical purchased CDs.  When I started 12+ years ago it was OK although clumsy for outside purchased CDs- but I thought things would improve. Apple has made it more difficult with every new operating system for anything except their own music (which for me is inadequate- I like finding things from long ago. How do you deal with somebody who insists on calling movements of symphonies "songs?"). The final blow was trying to transfer music to a new OS and losing it. Fortunately I hadn't dowloaded a lot and this was a good lesson- you can't trust Apple; they just want you for their products. So the Brannen B2 caught my eye. I like the fact that your music is outside a computer and not subject to the constant changes to OSes (is that a plural?).  The back up is easy (I keep 2) and if or when (after all it is a machine) the B2 goes funny it can be dealt with.  A bit of a learning curve but I have been able to adapt to my needs.  Start slow so you set things up the way want so you don't have to go back to change your set-up. The online user interface makes everything readily accessible. I love the easy access to my many CDs. I wish it had dual RCA outputs but the 3.5 mm headphone connects with a cable that splits to the RCAs.  Has an optical which I probably should use but the 3.5mm does just fine. I got the 512 GB which at 400 CDs FLAC is using 20%.