Burning CD question

Disclaimer: I own all the CDs I have been burning.

I have been burning single track from some on my CDs onto discs for use in the car. I have had a little trouble playing them back on the Nakamichi, but I have had a lot of trouble getting them to play in the car. They skip a lot.

I have been using Verbatim DVD+R discs and burning at 128.

Any idea why these are playing so poorly?
>>"I have been using Verbatim DVD+R discs and burning at 128."<<

I have to admit I am totally confused. Am I wrong in my thinking that a DVD+R disc will not, or should not, play in a CDP.
I am assuming a mistake was made about DVDRs being the recording medium. Although, DVDRs can be used to store audio files, I don't think they will play in a CD player unless they are converted to wave files and put on a CDR.
I've had the best results with Sony CD-R's. It's been the only brand I use over the past 4-5 years, and never had a problem. I too, burn my cd's only for my car's audio.
The burned discs are playing on my fifteen year old Nackamichi, but have a problem with skipping when I play them in the car. I amusing the Windows program to do the burning.

The discs skip occasionally with the Nackamichi but generally in the outer tracks. In the car the first few tracks play without skipping, but by the middle they skip almost constantly.

Does that help at all?
I would try using some other media. My sony s9000es plays only burned Maxell CD-R Pro.