BV Audio P10

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My current system now includes:
Source: Arcam FMJ CD33
Preamp: BV Audio P10
Amp: BV Audio PA300
Speakers: Totem Forests
All interconnects and speaker cables custom built (I'm a nerd, alright?).

As you can see, I fell in love with what Ivo over at BV Audio has been able to accomplish. The BV Audio gear is absolutely true to the recording, or whatever it is fed. It adds the least color, distortion, etc., of anything I've heard yet.

I was running an NAD S100 preamp to a BAT VK-200 amplifier. This was very warm, very tube-like in nature. But it was veiled, lacking clarity in detail. I wanted that every last nuance back. I was sick of listening to what the preamp and the amp could "do" to my music, I just wanted to hear my music the way it comes out of the Arcam (I love the Arcam sound <--- big fan.)

Let me say, at first, the adjustment was huge. I felt like I was missing some midbass that the BAT had produced, but really I was just missing its distortion. Some people REALLY like this sound, I did for a good year, but was looking for a change. I'll still listen to the BAT, but with the P10 preamp. The NAD S100 is not even close to the P10 in its ability to pass a signal without any coloration.

I cannot recommend the BV Audio P10 highly enough. I went out locally and auditioned Krell, the 280p and the KCT. They both were superior to the NAD S100, but in no way to the P10. The 280P I thought was actually a little more neutral, the KCT adding "oomph" that seemed artificial. I think they tried too hard. As far as getting the signal passed and having volume control with as little distortion as possible, I cannot think of a better preamp. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the sound of the others, I just don't want to have to hear their sound, I want to hear the artist's sound.
Have the same BV amp/preamp setup..................
TheP10 preamp also has an excellent phono stage. The pair are dead quiet with excellent image and sound staging.
Highly recommended with balance output cd players!!
Thread resurrection...I have had for almost a year a BV Audio A300S and I am extremely pleased with it.  Reliable and true as mentioned above.