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PS Audio has already did the research. The answers are available forevermore.
The testing is sound, and not flawed. Their test results find exactly the same results my cable manufacturer found and preached. Josh from Downsize Audio Cables also found two strips of foils, stacked on top of each other and secured together made the best sounding speaker cables. I've tried all kinds of hyper expensive cables to dethrone the Downsize Audio foils ... NOTHING comes close at any price.
      Downsize used a genuine teflon backed adhesive tape, double sided too, and custom rolled, extra thin foil of 6N purity. BUT he told me a person can get 90% of the same sound quality, using off the shelf inductor foils and standard thin packing tape. Try it and save tens of thousands of dollars.
@djones51 .... you can make a set of foil cables for under $50. I would definitely try it, if you're ever looking for different speakers cables.
Just for the record, Max Townshend is a hero to me. I used his seismic sinks in the early 90s with great results, under a Linn lp12. In my opinion, his speaker isolation platforms are the best product ever designed as an accessory. Accelerometers do not lie. The difference a speaker makes on one of these platforms is astounding! Anytime you can take the resonant frequency  of a vibrating loudspeaker, and take the vibrations to zero, you have changed the game for the better! Does anyone still believe I have anything against Max, or want to ride his coattails? I kind of doubt it, since I spent many thousands of dollars with his company. Some of you guys need something to do. The pandemic has definitely brought out your conspiracy theory mindset!

Hi Flaxxer, interesting post re the foil cables. It appears Downsize Cables have downsized to zero, there’s no active website or useful info that I can find out on the net. That being the case and my desire to read up on foil cables who is your cable supplier as you mentioned they were also advocates of the foil designs. Thanks in advance Paul
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Downsized to zero. Good one. 

flaxxer, So we can chalk it all up to sloppy writing then ;) lol! excellent! Sorry, but you would not believe the number of people who do come along and, well nevermind it is clear now that is not you.    

When it comes to Max you are preaching to the choir here. With me anyway. Have only had Pods and Podiums a fairly short time but that is enough to be sure Max is the real deal.  

Max has posted his article before but the first I learned of it was when he posted it here fairly recently. Seemed clear enough to me but like I said we have all kinds and the kind we have the most of is armchair electronics engineers. We had one at one point, he was so advanced he had designed interstellar propulsion systems for starships. I know. But no. Seriously. Not making this up. Designs warp drives, teleportation devices. In his mind. Same as the ones who know more EE than Max Townshend.  

So anyway like I said Max's paper got me interested. But there is only so much a guy can do, and only so fast. Been going through a number of things the last few years. Most recently Pods and Podiums. Now working on getting some F1. Or Isolda. Would be nice to have both to compare. Working on it.

Right now I have Synergistic Research Element Copper Tungsten Silver, not stock either they started with Tesla and have been modified a lot. Way better now than stock. Way better. Just really good speaker cables. Supposedly F1 are even better still.

We will see. That is why I went off. Was already looking into this pretty good, and then along comes this which seemed at first to be another one messing around where he shouldn't. Good to know we are on the same page. Not a lot of us here have this stuff. Are you UK or US or??