can subwoofers make things worse?

What tiny subwoofer should i mate with my Aerial 5T? I have a small room with very little space to put a subwoofer. I am very happy with my current sound, but I've read that adding the missing bottom end to stand mounts can add enjoyment).

I've been reading about:
1) Kef Kc62 (very expensive)
2) Rel T5X
3) SVS 3000 Micro
4) Do nothing because they aren't good enough and will make things worse.

Anyone own any of these or have an educated opinion?

(Associated equipment: Parasound Hint 6 integrated, Bluesound Node 2).



I would drop SVS. Not good at all unless you want a one dimensional boom.

That’s just a ridiculous statement and not true at all.

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have you ever compared subwoofers? Apparently not.
I have and stand by what I said per experience and am not some fan boy.

here is one review where the reviewer is kind to SVS and all its like brethren substandard like JB Audio, etc… Buy SVS if you want one dimensional boom that impresses the simple folks


YES.  Other than truck/car audio and HT the money spent on subs could be added to a speaker budget and if one's strapped for cash there's plenty of used, floor standing active speakers out there that will deliver the goods and take less floor space.