Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.

The format is dying and too expensive to repair properly. Heads wear out so easy and many out there are all worn.
High quality technicians are either retired or long gone. Its such an inconvenient format that can be equalled by nakamichi easily in tape decks.
Retire it please put them in museums. 
Just wondering; what do you R to R guys listen to, anyway? Must be pretty limited.
I guess I am just trying to understand the reason for your post.  Analog/vinyl is dead....oh wait...nevermind..

We live in a world where six figure speakers, amps and turntables exist in great numbers and repairing reel to reel decks or replacing heads is too expensive ?  Regardless the reel to reel industry isn't taking a single dime out of YOUR pocket

The real point is that if you do not want or care for reel to reel, fine, don't buy or use it, but to "pontificate" to others seems to me to be nothing but enjoying the sound of ones own voice
Just had my r2r fully overhauled - sorry to disappoint some of you, but its ready for its NEXT 35 years.

Plenty of good rock issues right up to late 70,s although they can get pretty s pendy for desirable issues.

And of course you can record whatever you like yourself. I record a lot of Qobuz hires streams at 7.5ips.

Sounds amazing.
Ummm, vtech2000, really wonder if you know what you are saying. Your handle is a bit of a giveaway.