Can you provide context on First Watt?

Hi all,

I just signed up for this forum. After 30 years of enjoying my Rotel/B&W setup that I bought in college, I decided it is time for an upgrade. Yes, I know ... 30 years. Anyway, for the last two months I've gone deep down the rabbit hole trying to get caught up with the audiophile world. 

Long story short, after all of my reading and assessing my needs, I decided on a combination of components and speakers. This week I've made two big purchases: a Wyred4Audio STP SE pre with stage 2 upgrades and a First Watt J2 amp (both purchased used). As far as I can tell, though, First Watt (Nelson Pass) doesn't seem to be making new amps, except for the F7? I just noticed that Reno HiFi is no longer in business. 

Could someone update me on the current status of First Watt? And, if down the road I ever require a service, would I contact Pass Labs for that?

Thanks for your time in orienting a 55-year old newbie to the scene.



The Colorado audio society is having a club meeting this Friday the 17th at YG acoustics at 5:30 pm. Might be a great time to go check out their speakers and have a listen.

That sounds like fun, but I'm 3 hours west of Denver, and I'll be listening to the great Jeffrey Foucault performing in my neck of the woods Friday. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Here is my journey with First Watt F5v2.....Totally one of  the best sounding amplifiers I ever owned...And in the article is the GoTo guy to help fix the First Watt DIY products....

Oh good. I thought I'd read everything online about First Watt amps before making my purchase. I look forward to checking it out.


+1 for adding Omega Speakers to your list.  Louis makes a beautiful speaker, hand made & designed by himself.  If you call Louis and let him know what your room is like, the gear you have and what you want out of the speakers he’ll make some recommendations.  The build quality, service and pride Louis takes in each speaker is amazing.  Oh, and he specializes in single driver, high sensitivity speakers that are a match made in heaven for your amp.

Good Luck! 

+1 for adding Omega Speakers to your list.  

Yes, I'm happy that I posted a thread about this. Before posting I had not heard of Omegas. Now, they are a front runner for my net speaker. I'm still several months out from making a speaker purchase. When I get close, I'll definitely contact Louis and have a chat.