Canare Star Quad for speaker cable

I am considering using Canare Star Quad 4s11 cables for a 40ft. run to my B&W 802N from a Classe 401. Will terninate with WBT spades. Long Balanced interconnects is not an easy option. All opinions are welcome
For the price one pays, Canare Star Quad is excellent cable and if you want 40-ft. lengths, any "audiophile" cable will cost a healthy buck. I Star Quad for interconnects and am quite happy with them, but I'm only using 2 meter lengths. If you can't use long interconnects and short speaker cables, it's certainly worth a try, but to tell you the truth I think the expense of WBT spades is a waste of money. Any well-made heavily gold plated over brass or copper spade will do the job and I doubt very much there'll be any sonic difference as compared to the WBT (beautiful though they are!). Just my 2 cents' worth. dr.joe
The Canare 4S11 works very well. The dialectric is very good. They are copper and have the limitations of copper. Will sound better than lots of stuff on the market for mega bucks. I tend to favor silver ( use 18-22 guage solid conductors sheathed in Teflon tube ) because the oxides of silver to not affect sound quality. The oxides and other reactive products of copper exposed to our polluted atmosphere are have horrible consequences to audio. Don't be afraid to experiment!