Cartridge suggestions

Grace 747 arm/VPI HW 19 mkIII/PS Audio GCPH

A relatively modest system. Considering the AT OC9 but would like to solicit suggestions for other carts in this price range. the denon 304 is also a contender but a bit out of my $ range. Prefer MC but open to MM. The phono preamp leaves me with lots of choices but the arm may not mate well with modern designs?
In that price range..A Dynavector 10x5. I had the AT, was too bright for my taste. I've read that Grados are a good match for that arm as well.
I'm very happy with my Denon 301 Mk II. Though less money than the AT, it seems to "punch" well above it's price point.
If you have a VPI Classic III I strongly recommend the Ortofon Rondo Bronze. The Dynavector vector 20X2H is second.