CD Players that transmit 24bit/96kHz

Does anyone know of DVD or CD players that send a digital signal is a 24 bit/96 kHz frequency?
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The Pioneer dv525 does. I have a 7 month old unit I am selling on audiogon for $150.
No CD player can do that since CDs only work up to 16bit/44.1kHz. Some DVD players will output 24/96. Add the Meridian 800 to that list.
I have a Theta DaVid that puts out a "TRUE" 24/96 digital signal. Beware, many (most, actually) DVD players do not put out a true 24/96 signal. Be sure to check first. I wish I could comment more on the sound of 24/96 audio discs, but I just received my Counterpoint DA10 with the power supply and 24/96 upgrade back, but am waiting for some 24/96 discs to get shipped to me.
Alruhl, you brought up a good point. Do I have to look specifically for 24/96 CD's?