CD Transport for Rega DAC?

I am about to receive a new Rega DAC to go along with my Rega BrioR amp and Rega RS5 speakers. I am looking for a decent CD transport unit and am considering the following: Cambridge Audio CD30 (recommended by Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle), Marantz CD5004, or Oppo bdp103. The oppo intrigues me because it has the benefit of being a great blu-ray player, but I ultimately want the best audio. Your thoughts would be appreciated!
I own a Rega DAC. One source I use to drive it is a Rotel 1072 CD player, which works fine. I think that any of the players you mention will work fine. They're all competent players (like my Rotel), with a decent coax digital output. I think you'd be very unlikely to hear any significant difference between them, so I'd just buy the one that has the features you want most. Get a good 75-ohm digital cable, and you'll be fine. (I've tried many, including exotics, and I can recommend the solidly built Blue Jeans Cable Belden 1694A with Canare connectors.)