Cheap $88 Sony SS-CS5 Speakers - Awesome

I have been working on refreshing the power supply on my 1979 vintage EAR 509 amps.  Found cracked/bulged caps and wanted be proactive.   Absolutely stunning amps. Lifetime keepers.

Wanted a cheap set of workbench speakers for trialing so I didn't blow my main speakers if made a mistake.  Vintage amp repair/update what a pain with bulged caps/ broken wires, undersized fuses from past owners and non-stock circuit changes.  Shout out to Dan Meinwald and EAR UK for absolutely superb customer support. 

Anyways picked up a cheap set of $88 Sony sale speakers at my local to me ABT electronics.  SS-CS5 3 way bookshelf.  One ebay LX5 speaker i got either blew or had a bad woofer during my testing.  So I needed something. 

What a surprise, the cheap Sony's just sound great.  They don't even break down on bass drum kicks.  Sweet, detailed sound and are just rocking.  They go fairly loud though I don't listen loud.  I am listening through a Linn Axis with Ittok/Sumiko Talisman (superb table, really) EAR 868PL and the vintage EAR 509.   They are on stands 4 feet apart nearfield (cause amp burn in).

The speakers are incredible bargain for what they are.  Enjoying my burn in session immensely. Maybe I found a sleeper. To some of you maybe I didn't.  These are too good for bench test speakers I think.  Might want to give them a try.

Amazon had these on sale for $88 earlier today and I jumped on a pair. I needed a pair of stand mount speakers to use with the Audio Refinement Complete Integrated Amp in my office. Source will be the excellent sounding Raspberry Pi based streamer I recently built up.

So, the Sony speakers I purchased from Amazon on 12/14 have still not arrived and they are showing "possibly lost" in the tracking system. If they don't arrive soon, I've got a line of a couple of really nice used speakers on Craigslist. The Craigslist speakers are more expensive, but they are classic older speakers that I'm sure are much better than these cheap Sonys.

I recently stuffed, makeshift style, some felt strips around the tweeters (simply taped to the grille cloth), and these great-sounding speakers sounded even just a bit better. I recently traded them out in my system with my Harbeth P3ESRs and my Graham Chartwell LS6s, and while the Sonys were not in the same league, I sat for extended periods just enjoying the fact that the little things sounded so, so good for what they cost.

Amazon shipped my Sony's on 12/14 and they were promptly lost by the carrier. Yesterday I requested a replacement order and they are in transit for delivery tomorrow. Should be fun to see what $88 sale speakers sound like. They will be replacing a pair of $39 Radio Shack Presidian speakers that I bought on closeout after reading a similar internet thread years ago. This is for a toy/experimental system in my office.

I’m listening to the Sonys right now, connected to 250 wpc.  Only reasonable volume levels of course!