Class A or AB amp for JBL S4700 speakers

Which should I go for and why? Brands I'm looking at are Accuphase, Pass Labs, and maybe McIntosh.
There's no need for anybody to wait for any article. There's no "mystery" here. You will prefer the Pass to your Bryston. It's not that Pass Labs makes a great's just that it's good enough to outperform the Bryston.

You've got such good speakers, it's a shame you're wasting your time on such average electronics.
I think you are right, but it also depends about the speakers a person owns and how the stage is build.

Pass Labs builds a wider and deeper stage than any Bryston. I always say: without depth there is no highend sound.

The Pass has a much bigger pallet of colors in the mid freq. which need ot be there for the absolute sound.

When you have spakers which cannot build a deeo stage this part and advantage will not be there even if you use a Pass. I don't know this JBL speaker, so I cannot judge.

The better soundrealism also depends on the level and quality of a source and cables. It is not that easy to say!

Dave, sorry to make a train wreck out of your thread--my first time ever! ;p
Just thought you actually knew more than them smartasses and deserve better than all these BS advises--making out imaginary sound from reading/hazy past experiences without the need to actually listen/compare themselves. So sad.

Bvdiman, I am sure Dave agrees when I say that you have no reason to apologies. Those who have crossed paths with you on audiogon in the past know that you are a gentlemen. I have seen you more than once congratulating audiogoners (including me and Dave) for their humble equipment. Given the fact that you own top-of-the-line FM Acoustic and Accuphase products this says a lot about your manners and love for this hobby.

It is too sad that the audiogon moderators do nothing about Bo1972, i.e. Bobby Kingma from Sound & Vision Consulting. Not only is he trashing one thread after another by repeating the same things over and over again irrespectively of the topic discussed, but, more importantly, he is a dealer who shamelessly bashes the brands he does not sell and their owners. (For the record he does similar things also on the dutch sites, and seems equally illiterate and incoherent in his mother tongue.)
"For the record he does similar things also on the dutch sites, and seems equally illiterate and incoherent in his mother tongue.) "

Which dutch sites you F. idiot? I am on no dutch site. You are talking bullshit. So you are a big lyer. We are going to take a person with Avantgarde speakers serious....yeah you're right, are you F. kidding me?

People who tell lies should be banned from this website.

I have pasted below a link to a dutch review for Bose:

Bose review with Bo1972's comments

Bo1972’s comments can be found at the end of this review. Those interested to read (again) the usual preach of Bo1972 (i.e. Bobby Kingma) should just copy/paste them into Google Translate.

I let you judge how petty is a "high-end dealer/consultant" who feels the need to trash Bose on the main dutch high-end site.

With this I rest my case.