Cloning an SSD for a Music Streamer

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I have a Cocktail Audio X-45 music streamer with a 2TB internal SATA SSD. I have now run out of space for adding music and plan to replace it with a 4TB or 6TB Internal or External SATA SSD.

What is the best/most precise method for cloning my music database from one SSD to the other? Do I need a software program, SATA cable or other mechanism to accomplish this? Is it possible that I need to connect them through my computer?

Full Dislcoure: I am not a Computer audio user. I have a stand-alone 2 channel system. Although, I am moderately computer literate.

Any guidance offered would be most appreciated.

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Thanks for your responses. Is there a step-by-step process that I can follow to achieve the cloning to the new SSD? I read that someone used a SATA/USB cable connected to a computer. Once connected they then connected the streamer with the smaller SSD to it, then commenced the cloning process.

Or is is just better to use a cloning program? I'm just not clear on exactly what I need to accomplish the cloning process.

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Your manual explains how to backup and restore your music database (pp.38-41). Formatting your new drive is covered on p.62. Looks like you'll need an external USB drive with a larger capacity than the size of your music database.


Here's how I would do it:

1. Backup music DB to external drive

2. Remove old drive

3. Install new drive

4. Format new drive

5. Restore music DB from external drive


Thanks for your explanation and instruction. You are the best. I will try this method and apprecite everone's input.



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I'm back with additional questions, but first, want to add that I have some music files on my laptop that I woud like to play through my CA X-45 streamer and not via my computer. My intent here is to get a larger 4/5 TB SSD, copy/back-up the music on the X-45 to it and then move the music files from mu computer to it. I woud then use the old 2 TB SSD as my back-up.


1. Is it better to purchase an internal or external 4/5 TB SSD?

2. Can someone recommend a high-quality External/Internal SSD with fast read/write speeds? I saw a few forums mention Western Digital or do you think another option is best?

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Take a look at the SAMSUNG 870 EVO 4TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD...

You can get an inexpensive kit that will host the SSD an external USB drive...

Clone your current internal to the external kited SSD

Remove the internal SSD and replace with the external SSD

Easy peasy...