Coda class A VS Coda class AB


I have a Coda Model 11, class A 100 watts. I love that amp.I would like more power to pull out full potential from Acoustat Spectra 44 speakers. I would like opinions from Coda knowledgeable goners on sonic differences between their class A and class AB amps.

I live in Canada and Coda products are too scarce here in order for me to have auditions in my vicinity.
If you need REAL grunt, I’d look at the 15.0, which has absolutely incredible power reserves. The S12.5, which I have, is a little powerhouse itself. I had Coda up the Class A bias to 25-30 watts. For MONSTER output, look at their monoblocks, which put out in excess of 400 watts. In Coda amps, the transition from Class A to AB is undetectable—at least to my ears.