I see this term used. What is does cogging mean?
bimasta, I've never owned or even heard a FR MC201 cartridge, or any other FR cartridge, for that matter.  Does that answer your question, which I have forgotten?  (Sorry for not having come forward sooner.)

The Denon DP80 does have a 3-phase AC synchronous motor, or so I was told when mine was in for restoration.  Probably its an iron core type but built and driven to minimize cogging. Bill Thalmann thought its motor and servo control mechanism were advanced over the contemporary Technics systems. Denon published graphs to document its smooth running in their advertising literature.  (Imagine a modern company doing the same; well I guess one or two have done.)  I don't know much about the M-S DQX-1000, except based on my reading at Vintage Knob, it is an updated version of the DDX-1000, distinguished from the latter by its use of quartz-referenced speed control.
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For a cogent and clear explanation of cogging, which DD motors have it, and how to prevent it, please check this out:

Early '80s Technics SP-10s had the cogging problem which is why many preferred Denons. My vintage Sony PS-555ES has a brushless and slotless motor obviating the problem.



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