Coincident Super Eclipse or Devore Nines?

I currently own the Super Eclipses and love them, but wish they had a more revealing midrange and top end. I actually like the vocals when they are pushed forward a bit and I find the coincidents good, but not great at that. Would the Devore's do this? I listen to rock and alternative so am looking for bass drive and snap with details on the highs/mids.

Will be driven by Pass XA30.5 amp. Thanks
I have had Super e III's and now have PE II's, I have a Cary Sli-80 and my mids and highs are plenty forward. I am the one that started the other thread that is referred to. I was looking for something less forward in the Devore not more. You could change out wires as others suggest, Extreme wiring will bring out more of what you want.
I rolled tube in my amp until I got what I wanted, but you can't do that. I think the Coincident are some of the best speakers out their and your model allows for a lot of experimentation with different types of amps. I have had more than one pair of Coincident because I would sell them looking for something better and ultimately end up back where I started YMMV.
Nines my friend.... this is not even worth stressing... It's a tonally an upgrade to Coincidents, which are fine in their own right to be sure...., but not on par with Nines based on my listening experience which included 4 different tube set-ups prior to purchase.... Enjoy!!
Ok, I don't think it is the amp as I have had this one on Proacs and the sound I wanted was there, so it is not the amps........ I ordered some Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables, I'll try this and see what happens!
the easiest 'tonal upgrade' in the world is scooting those 'super' speakers around so they give you their best, which is pretty incredible.
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