concerned with using two sets of spades at amp

I have an H20 amp that allows for traditional bi-wiring. I'm in the process of switching out my speaker cable from a Kimber 8TC/4TC shotgun configuration to two single runs of AZ cable. Hologram on bottom, Satori on top. I just picked up the Holograms with spades. I haven't bought the Satori's yet. My concern is with having both sets of cables with spades on the amp end. I'm worried about the chance of the two cables / connectors touching each other, which according to my amp manual is a big no, no. I'd like to hear from others that have had to deal with this issue on what you learned and ended up with. I'd prefer to stick w/spades if possible/safe as I've never had good luck with getting a tight banana connection.
If the layout of the binding posts on the amp gives you room to bring the two cable to the terminal at something like a 45-90 degree angle to each other you should be able to stack the spades on top of each other and still get good pressure from the binding post. If the posts are too close together or too close to other protruding parts it might not be possible to get the spades to lie perfectly flat on each other.
Personally, unless you can solder the two spades together and get a solid fit, I'd avoid the risk and use one set of spades and one set of 'locking' bananas. I've had zero problem with locking bananas, fit wise or coming loose. I share your concern re spades unless your amp has some heavy duty connectors which you can torque down with a wrench and I'd use a lock washer even then to insure a tight connection that won't work loose with time.
Thanks for the responses, but I should have been more clear. My amp has two pair of output terminals which can be used for bi-wiring. I'm not looking to put two sets of cables on the same set of posts.
Makes a difference, having 2 sets. What I would do (other than locking bananas) assuming your connectors are located in a way that you have the space to do so, is to connect the spades so that the wires are at a 45 degree angle to the base and then, using electricians tape, wrap the spade/connector so that even if the connection loosens the spade cannot drop off. I mention the 45 degree angle as it will be less a load on the connection than placing them parallel.