concrete (cinder) block tower with wood chopping block for turntable stand

Any suggestions from users who have done, or contemplate doing this. I looked at concrete blocks at Lowes last night. I made two stacks of 3 side by side, plus a solid block (without the center openings) as the top block. This gave me about 34" in height. Then the thought is either a Walnut or Bamboo chopping board for a top shelf. I would use four cork or cork/rubber sandwich (2"X 2") squares to couple the wood chopping block to the concrete tower. I am also considering an Isoacoustics platform as a more expensive alternative. Fire away....?


Wasn't expecting so many responses. It's a dedicated room, which I have free reign to do as I wish. There are ways to spruce up the look...I think after a trip to the fabric store and a little creativity, it can be made to look acceptable. I moved the table over from  an Ikea Square (LACK?) table to my Lignolab rack. I wanted to keep the Ligno for my main setup, and use the blocks so I could situate my systems on different walls. But I'm going to see how the Luxman table performs on the Ligno rack. I think $2500 will buy a nice audio rack, but I just want to keep this system at a certain budget. I allowed myself a second system but promised myself to keep it sane. Another words, no $3K audio racks. 

One can spend the money, expend the energy, or do a bit of both....
It can be many things, functional, practical, pricey, cheap....

As long as it does what you think and/or feel you/'It' needs....:)

should be fine.  add some iso-acoustics isolators if you need to, or continue in the diy mode and place a simple cush-pad under the turntable like is used for floors... you can buy a couple feet off a roll at home depot, it's grey rubbery material and actually works pretty well as vibration isolation... cut a 16'x16' square and place TT on it, or four 4'x4' squares just under the feet of the TT.  If you need to... try without, first; most TTs these days (and even decent ones from 30-40 years ago) have pretty good vibration isolation already  

" cut a 16'x16' square and place TT on it, or four 4'x4' squares just under the feet of the TT. "

Just exactly how big is this turntable??!!