Converting FLAC Files

I have a very large hard drive full of FLAC and WMA files which for whatever (probably simple) reason can't be read or played on a MacBook I recently acquired--how do I convert the files so they're usable with the Mac?
Thanks in advance....
audioengr - I am not a fan of FLAC because the SQ is inferior to .wav. I don’t care if you cannot hear the difference. I can hear the difference.
Steve, I agree with you, but flac still has the advantage from a disk space utilization perspective. Point is, store the data as flac, listen as wav. If you have as much music as I do, you shall become a "fan". :)
Maybe you can try to convert FLAC and WMA to MOV using some online converters, such as Zamzar, Convertio. They are free and easy to use. However, if your FLAC and WMA files are large you can try Joyoshare Video Converter. It can convert them without quality loss. Also, VLC is a good option to encode video.
WAV metadata is horrible. Enough reason to use FLAC right there, but as it sounds exactly the same as WAV and takes less space, it’s a no brainer.