Custom Builder For P/P Power Pentode Amplifier

Hello All,

This is not a request to debate the merits of SET vs Power Pentode (push/pull) amplification. Instead, it is a request to the community for recommendations for any custom builders you know of (e.g., Niteshade, Trafomatic) who are quite good at this craft of building a p/p power pentode amplifier. These will be integrated with speakers that are :

A 2-box ( per channel ) loudspeaker, where the full-range module (7” driver) is physically separated from the bass module. The latter has three 6.5” drivers into a 4 ‘ long horn. Bass module is driven by its own FET custom amplifier. Overall sensitivity 102 db/w/m. Nominal impedance 8 ohms and frequency response of 18Hz to 20Khz.

Again, this is not a request for arguments pro and con. I am beyond this now. It is a search for recommendations for the very best builders for this kind of amp. Many of the builders that are ofter shared are really into SET as opposed to what I am looking for.

Thanks for your help.
Just out of interest why do you want a custom piece in place of a "stock" amplifier - there surely are many to choose from ?

A one of a kind piece is nice but be prepared to pay for it.

Best of luck

Thanks Hifiharv for the suggestion. It is an option that I have considered, especially with the tubes that you make note of.

And Pbnaudio, let me give a little push back on the cost-value question. I would agree with you if I were having a triode amp (SET or PP) built. However a PP pentode or sweep tube amp can be had by some good builders for less than a few thousand at most in monoblock and slightly less still in stereo. Check out Niteshade, for example. Because of some simple circuitry I'm interested in as well as rectification and iron selection, the custome builder route is preferred over the "off the shelf" commercial producers. My quest is to find the very best builders possible within a specific price band and put the project out to bid--so to speak.
Contact Richard Gray of Richard Grays Power Company. He custom builds amps. His daily business is on Jefferson Hwy. in Metairie/Jefferson, is called National TV Repair....don't let the name fool you. Call 411 for the number. He is there till 4pm mon thru thurs CST.
I bought a completely rebuilt fisher 400 years ago from Sam @ Sams Audio Labs and have been extreemly impressed with his work. He can build pretty much anything you want. Just a thought.
Amilcar, check out "Kolledog's" new listing for the JWN mono amps. Follow his advice to view the website of the man who built them. He is also an Audiogon member: Jimmynich. By the way, do you actually have an Amilcar? Cool!