Dealers hijacking the discussions

I’m a very long term member and look at the forums most every day. I’m personally extremely irritated by dealers injecting sales pitches into the discussions which has never really been a problem before. Dealers are biased as it’s the nature of business and this is fine but I don’t go to audiogon to see shameless promotion. There’s one guy in particular that needs to go away. The fact that you’ll all know who it is says volumes about the amount of posting this guy/dealer does on audiogon. Does anyone feel as I do. Just curious.

Please note that I was referring to commercial shills. I am not in the audio business and I do not have any affiliation with any audio company. I do not have a commercial agenda.
The solution to all of this is simple NO One should be attacking anyone on these forums.

If you perceive that someone’s advice a poster, a moderator a dealer, or anyone on these forums is not to your tastes, or for some personal gain, just be a grown up and don’t read that persons post, just pretend it isn’t there.

It is like the people who believe that censorship is the answer to seeing something on TV you find objectionable, most people in the US feel that the constituion guarantees us the right to free speech therefore the common thing that people have resorted to is the comment not to watch or turn the channel.

Please lets all grow up a bit and respect each others rights to post, and right to have an opinion and maybe you will find out when you hear X Y or Z at some show and go wow that product sounds great, or a product that you own and have heard sound aweful at a show, which sounds fantastic to you in your system that setup is everything and we all have tastes.

Some people love black coffee while others drink coffee which is half milk and 4 spoonfuls of sugar, which is right? It comes down to personal taste and bias while others say I hate coffee, and that same person has never tasted a really good high end cup and viola now likes coffee.

We test a lot of products, if you actually call us and speak to myself or Troy you can see for yourself and you are free to visit my store and listen to any of our systems and see for yourself if we make good sound or not.

No problem as long as the dealer discloses who they are.
 What I find extremely unprofessional is when a manufacturer posts about their products and makes subjective comments of any kind. Especially when  in a comparitive nature to other competitive products!    I believe only factual and technical information should be given by any manufacturer.
sbai I am not reffering to you or suggesting anythiing negative about you at all.

We all need to calm down and see the merit for what it is and if you think someone is a shill don’t read their posts. simple or even better seek out your local dealer and see for yourself you might find a new addition that you really love.

Attacking and forcing a rebuttal is not appropriate behavior either and Grgr4blu should be reprimanded for his inappropriate behavior.

I agree. Avoiding their posts and their presence is the best way.