Dedicated line help

Finally getting the dedicated line I've always wanted, but had a few questions on how it should be done for best results. My electrician is kinda young and is not an audiophile (the flipside is he's only charging 75 bucks to do it), so I'm relying on you guys for the details.

Some general info in case it's helpful: The system is in the basement and in the same room as the circuit box about 30 feet away. The wire will be fished behind the walls that fortunately have a few access panels between the box and my system, and there is no insulation between the wall and the foundation -- just some heat pipes (steam heat).


Is 20amp strongly preferable over 15amp line or does it not matter that much? I'm currently running a 125wpc push/pull solid state amp but may very well run something like a 100wpc class A ss amp in the future, if this makes a difference.

I'm going to purchase a Porter Port, but is there certain type/brand of wire that should be used from the circuit box to the Port or will the standard stuff do fine?

Should I have him run 2 lines -- one for analog and one for digital, or is there another way to separate these guys (or is it sufficient just to do this at the power conditioner, which I don't have yet)?

Anything this guy could do wrong that could cause problems or create a fire hazard?

Any other tips you guys have either on the installation or equipment would be most appreciated. THANKS FOR ANY THOUGHTS/HELP.
"My electrician is running the lines on the same leg and not sharing a neutral bus"

While my electrician will follow this, I'm not clear on it. I had thought all main breaker boxes have a single neutral bus i.e. there is no choice. Or am I missing something very fundamental (which could easily be the case! My understanding of this is limited).
Initially my "dedicated" line shared its neutral side with other circuitry on the same floor. The electrician had run a single wire from the breaker box upstairs down to the ground floor and connected the neutrals of several ground floor circuits into that. He did this because it was easier to fish one wire than several, and the space behind the wallboard was already cramped. I had him do my dedicated line over again, properly dedicated on both sides this time.

@scott22 If this isn’t a joke, it’s a wall outlet that’s much better built for audio purposes than a standard outlet.